summer stillness

We need to have time to just breathe and relax.  We need to be leisurely: to go slow, take time, to notice, to appreciate. This is easy to say, but not really that easy to do.

I read an essay once that suggested we should learn to sit and do nothing for half an hour while sitting in a park or a garden. Really do nothing, don’t focus on your breath, don’t think, don’t plan, just sit and be. I tried, I didn’t make five minutes before getting up to water the tomato plants.

To simply be takes some practice.  Being in this way is the state of being yourself at ease within the whole. It is not about forgetting yourself, or transforming yourself,  but simply being comfortable with all that you are. Not just the thinking you, or the physical you, or the emotional you, but the whole integrated deal.

And in just being you, at ease, you become open to the world,to all the other beings with you. Being part of the aliveness of summer

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