The following are a few examples of the dozens of reflections I have given over the past five years.  I have spoken at large congregations with over 300 members and at intimate fellowships with as few as 10 people in attendance.

I use the term reflection instead of sermon for two reasons. Sermon is a term with a lot of baggage, and whether that is unfair or not, many people associate sermon with moral reproof or dry lecturing. Sermons are also generally based on biblical passages.  Reflection, for me, means serious thought or consideration, but I also use it in the sense of reflecting back to the people listening. I am reflecting on things that matter in our lives, not speaking just for myself, but illuminating issues for all of us.

Current reflections are being posted at the Unitarian Congregation in Mississauga website.

Everybody’s Got a Story Heath 2011

People of the Place Heath 2011

Wearing the Face Heath 2011

Sustenance January 2012

Cup of Stars Reflection February 2012

Future Imperfect June 2012

Starlings in Winter January 2013





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