Songs for the Shutdown

Sometimes we just need to laugh.  I’ve so appreciated all the creativity arising from this global shutdown. Amateurs and artists around the world are creating funny videos and songs to break the tension with much needed laughter.

The first one that made me laugh out loud was Chris Mann’s My Corona, and it is still my favourite.  I hadn’t heard of Chris before – he was on tv show The Voice in 2012 and has struggled to gain a footing in the industry despite having a beautiful voice. He is simply brilliant with these parodies and tributes. Chris recorded My Corona in mid March, becoming a youtube sensation in hours, and he hasn’t stopped since.

Enjoy these two funny parodies and a poignant tribute to essential workers.  Check out Chris’ youtube channel for more parodies and his other music.




Religious Who?

I am a lifelong Doctor Who fan.  The Fourth Doctor was my doctor, with his explosive laugh and long, long scarf.  He was my moral compass, offering insightful commentary to the big questions of life and leading me to realize that moral decisions were not right and wrong but shaded in ambiguity.  He tried to make the best choice possible under the circumstances, knowing that even the best choices have negative consequences.  I can give the Doctor credit for asking the questions that set me on a long journey towards Unitarian ministry.  So when I saw the video above, suggesting that Doctor Who is a religion, I was intrigued. Continue reading