Standing in the Light

This is the best time of year for sitting on the couch in my living room.  The two large maples at the front of the house are not yet in leaf and the sun is low enough that the light streams into the room for hours in the afternoon.   It’s a peaceful spot (except when the dog is barking madly at the people passing by on the sidewalk!) and a good place to practice self-compassion.

Image by Itaya

Image by Itaya

Compassion is, in part, a sympathy of feeling, of experiencing what another is experiencing. While much of the literature on compassion calls for us to act, to serve others selflessly,and a life of service does develop empathy,for those of us who judge ourselves far more than anyone else,perhaps compassion needs to begin at home. By accepting the light and dark within us,we can find our way to compassion for others.   Continue reading


Becoming Reverend

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On Sunday May 5th, the Grand River Unitarian Congregation in Kitchener will ordain me as a Unitarian Universalist minister, bestowing upon me the title of Reverend and a stole as a symbol of ministry.

Please see my Ordination page (also up on the menu bar) for more details about this special service of celebration.

woodcut chalice

Much of ministry is a benediction—
A speaking well of each other and the world—
A speaking well of what we value:

– honesty
– love
– forgiveness
– trust

A speaking well of our efforts—
A speaking well of our dreams.
This is how we celebrate life:
Through speaking well of it,
Living the benediction,
and becoming as a word

Susan Manker-Seale