Water is with us

This week, we are using water as a way to use and focus our attention on the world around us. Choosing a common event or experience as a trigger for our attention develops our ability to be present in the moment. It is a way to wake up our consciousness and sharpen our senses. This is a good spiritual practice for experiencing a sense of connection to the greater whole.

As we depend on water to nourish us, grow our food, clean our houses, and so much more, we meet water many times a day. Taking a shower, drinking from a water fountain, walking past a puddle, filling up the coffee pot are just a few examples. Using water as a trigger to awareness and presence offers an opportunity to slow down for a moment.

The directions are simple:  Pause, Notice, Open.  waterfountain

Pause:  When you use a water source, pause and breath slowly and deeply. Check in with yourself, stretch and relax. Shake out your body. Re-direct your thoughts to the present. How are you feeling? Take a few moments to sit with what ever emotion you might be experiencing.

Notice:  Come into awareness of the water. What are you using the water for? Where are you? What does the water sound like? Smell like? Taste like?  What is the temperature of the water? Thank the water for sustaining you (it may sound silly, but try it: gratitude is good for you!)

Open:  After focusing on yourself and the water, expand your attention. What else is around you? What is attracting your attention? Try to keep your eyes “soft”, don’t stare or focus too intently, let your eyes roam and gaze at what captures them. Open yourself to the environment surrounding you. Then take one more slow, deep breath and return to your activity.

Try it for a week:  Pause, Notice, Open every time you come into contact with water.


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