a chalice filled with words…

woodcut chaliceAs a Unitarian minister, every time I create a service I find myself scrolling through word documents trying to find that quote, reading, meditation or chalice lighting that fits the theme.  I can waste a lot of time seeking that perfect piece  – one of the downsides of a tradition without a sacred text! Most of the time I’m glad to find myself opened up in unexpected ways through reading novels, watching tv shows, or listening to tedx talks; I love referencing Anne of Green Gables as well as the Dalai Lama in a reflection.  But it is a challenge trying to remember where I found that insight…

I created wordchalice to hold all these pieces in one place with a good search engine.   I’ve only got a fraction of the texts I use up there, but I’m adding more each week.  The blog includes insights from musicians, scientists, feminists, writers, gardeners, poets, theologians and wise people from across the centuries.  And from tv shows that have wowed me with anew ways to consider the world.  My original work will also be posted there.  The Empty Chalice will remain my blog, the tumblr account is my reference database.  An eclectic and evolving gathering of texts, I hope wordchalice will be a useful site for anyone seeking inspiration on topics from the sacred to the food we eat.  It can be accessed via my blogroll anytime.


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