Summer Sabbath

These are words from a prose poem from Rev. Kathleen McTigue, minister to the Unitarian Society of New Haven, Connecticut.

Summer Sabbath

Go someplace you haven’t seen before,
where no one knows you, where you don’t think twice
about what to wear, how you look, or who might be watching
as you let your body ease out into the sun and bask, lazy as a cat.

Untether yourself from the engines of busyness, one by one —
laptop, desktop, wristwatch, scribbled lists,
even the telephone,
especially the one you carry everywhere,
the little tyrant.
This will all feel unnatural
but it’s not.

Go and don’t think about time:
how much you’ve got left,
how to pass, fill, use or spend it,
whether you might accidentally lose or waste it…

Instead, consider your life —
who you love and why,
how blessed you are to be here, resting
under a shower of birdsong…

You might ponder these things, but you could also let
the whole creaking apparatus of thought come to a halt.
You might surrender, and let the world spill in
through the five gates,
no sentry standing watch,
no one left to resist or defend.

The innermost courtyard stands empty…
a clear fountain singing at the centre.

Scott Fountain Detail

Scott Fountain Detail (Photo credit: Maia C)


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